Get ready for Christopher Nolan's next classic film TENET, starring John David Washington. Just like Denzel his father, he's unstoppable and built for the American Film Awards®, its more than just a show, its a movement created to open doors for new and unknown filmmakers around the world.


"I believe that all over the world you'll find incredible filmmakers that have never been discovered. Sometimes great films are ignored but with our platform, we give writers, actors, directors and producers a chance to be seen, mentored and employed as we

celebrate the best films of the year."

Frank Ezenekwe

Executive Producer, American Film Awards


When Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw fell in love in Lovestory, I realized that every American film is a love story, from Love Jones to Sleeping in Seattle, to Johnny Depp in Public Enemies, playing John Dillinger and falling in love with Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette, we just want to be in Love. I created the American Film Awards because I love cinema. When was the last time you fell in love with a film?


Why are we different? Its simple. We built this platform to give opportunities to up and coming filmmakers, namely actors, writers, directors and producers who need a chance to make, show and monetize their work in Hollywood. We do this everyday by connecting with you on all social networks and events, but once a year, we get together and celebrate the best films of the year. The real work begins after every Awards gala, that's our signature.


Black Excellence requires no explanation. We will not be defined by police brutality, systematic and institutional racism because we come from a history and Kings and Queens from the motherland, where she needs nothing. We have plenty to give and that's why they only want to take. The Legacy is clear, Tyler Perry Studios is open for business and we are watching for films to nominate from his production factory.


You know King James as the best basketball player of his generation but he also fought to get Octavia Spencer equal pay in the Netflix Film Self Made, which he also produced. He can handle the ball as well as he does Hollywood power plays and this is just the beginning. Lebron represents ownership, HollywoodPlaylist.com is a way of keeping our eyes on every good film made in the world. Its a big play but that's the American Film Awards® Signature.

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