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1.What is the American Film Awards ® ?

The American Film Awards (AFA) is an annual film award show that takes place in December, at the end of each year. The award show was created in 2004 by Frank Ezenekwe to serve the film community like Dick Clark, who created the American Music Awards in 1973 after ABC ended its contract to broadcast the Grammys. The American Film Awards is United States Registered Trademark.

2. Why was the AFA created?

The AFA was created because there's a disconnect between many good films that are released every year and films that we celebrate during the awards season. The AFA is unique because we have created non traditional award categories that have never been used in American Cinema. These categories include Best Action Film, Best Romantic Film, Best Latin American Film, Best African American Film, e.t.c. Our awards categories helps us serve a larger community of filmmakers and market segments that often get excluded from the mainstream.

3. Where is the American Film Awards hosted?

The Awards are held in venues around Los Angeles or Hollywood.

4. When can I register and submit my Film Project?

Filmmakers, Directors, Producers and Studios can register their films for consideration, starting in July 1 until the first week of December each year. All submissions must be for a body of work and/or film released between the dates of January 1 and December 31 of the year of the awards. Register your film at, please be sure to include a secure web link to your film.

5. What is PLAY?

Play is the American Film Award's own Film Festival and distribution platform.

6. How can I attend the American FIlm Awards?

You may purchase tickets to the event from our website.

7. What is the voting process?

Members of the AFA Academy nominate the best films and filmmakers of the year by focusing on films that made and impact in terms of their originality, critical acclaim, box office success, and cinematic innovation. After a rigorous screening process, they vote on the best films of the year which is announced live on air.

8. Who is on the AFA Academy?

They includes members of the general public, film fans, film bloggers, film industry insiders and executives agents, critics, directors, managers, producers, publicists, screenwriters, influencers, tastemakers, creative directors and film students worldwide.

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