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Over the last hundred years of innovation and invention, there's been a pattern of the best minds and founders of the biggest companies in the world, like Zukerberg, Gates and Jobs, dropping out of college to change the world. That's because the college system is broken and out of touch with the demands of creating a product and bring it to market.

 The Dream Academy is designed for world changers and creatives who need the right foundation to spring their dreams into action. Here we offer a nontraditional, direct to dream curriculum that brings your Dream & Passion to the marketplace in a few months. Our courses include but is not limited to

DIRECTING. ACTING, PRODUCING, SCREENWRITING, BUSINESS & MARKETING. Our goal is to launch your next big Script, Book, TV Show, Web Series, Feature Film, App, Game, Fashion Collection or Brand, by connecting you with Hollywood Studios, Streaming Platforms, Media Distribution and Investors.

Live Show Recording

Film Producer

Fashion Model


Photography Light

Art Director

Film Clapboard


Business Conference

Business Manager

Improv Group


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